Because dogs can’t read, we are passing out this list of rules for all responsible dog owners to read to them.

Rule # 1:  Dog owners must show proof that dogs have the appropriate identification tags and are vaccinated.  When you register, please give dog(s) name(s), sex and breed(s). 

Rule # 2:  Dogs must be restrained at all times, especially at your own campsite.  Dogs must not be able to reach the roadside while on their restraint at the campsite.  No children under the age of 12 should be allowed to walk dogs without immediate supervision.  Also, larger dogs must be walked on a lead no longer than 6 feet.

Rule # 3:  Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately and discarded in the dumpsters located throughout the campground.

Rule # 4:  Dogs left alone at campsites must have ventilation, water and food, and MUST not bark for an extended period of time.  This will be enforced by the campground owners and in severe cases may lead to eviction.

Rule # 5:  Any dog biting a person or another dog must be reported immediately to the office by all parties involved.  Dog bites are regulated by the State of Maine and the appropriate authorities will be contacted to file a report. 

Please Note:  Dogs are restricted from all area beaches during certain hours of the day during the peak summer season.

We know that your pets are part of your family, that’s why you bring them with you.  In order to keep this a dog-friendly campground, please report any violators to the office so that we have safe and “happy” campers.